About BCS

The Brookline Chinese School (BCS) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization committed towards promoting communication between Chinese and Western communities. By encouraging Chinese education, we hope to bring about the advancement of cultural diversity in the Brookline and Boston areas. Through our efforts, we hope to see Chinese culture thrive and flourish.

BCS was started by a few passionate first-generation Chinese immigrant families who shared a strong belief in passing on their culture and heritage to their children, many of whom grew up in a Westernized culture. The BCS believes that it’s extremely important to retain knowledge and a connection to one’s Chinese roots. Meanwhile, we also strongly value the integration of Western and Eastern cultures, especially in the modern era, which is rapidly growing and shifting.

We would like to emphasize that we aim to spread Chinese culture using language as a carrier. We offer Chinese language courses (mostly in Mandarin); moreover, we also implement extracurricular programs for both children and adults.

Additionally, we hope to provide a communication platform for both the Chinese immigrant community and for Western families who have adopted children from China. We sincerely wish that they will be able to share their experiences regarding education, work, and life in general.

The BCS warmly extends an invitation towards children and anyone who is interested in learning more about Chinese language, culture, and customs. Although education is a crucial element of our program, our ultimate goal is to promote cultural diversity for people who are living with a foot in both worlds. BCS is an opportunity for you to embrace the different aspects of yourself.