Xia Liu

Sarah Xia Liu was majored in English Education at Central South China University and had been teaching English for adults and kids for many years in China. After moving to America, Ms. Liu got her master degree majoring in Early Childhood Education at Cambridge College. Currently Ms. Liu is an early childhood educator and she has a lot of experience in teaching little kids. Ms. Liu ‘s teaching philosophy is to foster children to be interested in Chinese by designing activities in Chinese class ; to help children learn Chinese under relax and warm environment ; to cultivate and enhance the ability of recognizing Chinese characters by all kinds of fun teaching methods and hands on activities.


Yan Zhao

Yan Zhao graduated from Sichuan Normal University with a major in English for Science and Technology. After graduation, she engaged in English and Chinese teaching in Shanghai for more than 12 years. During the years in a Shanghai bilingual boarding school, she served as a classroom teacher from grade 6-9 and taught English and Chinese for overseas students. With years of teaching experience, Ms.Zhao developed her unique language teaching methods and as an outstanding teacher represented her school to give demonstration classes in Pudong New area many times. Meanwhile she published her educational research paper about Language Acquisition in Pudong and national education magazines and obtained her China national First-class teacher title. After coming to the United States,Ms. Zhao successively taught Chinese in Kwong Kow Chinese School in Boston, she kept motivating and inspiring students to be interest in and love traditional Chinese culture.


Jing Jin

Jing Jin graduated from the University of Lethbridge in Canada with a major in management in 2005. She speaks fluently 4 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese ,English and French. She also has a strong IT background and over a decade of experience in professional marketing. She held several positions in Microsoft, IBM, and Panasonic in China. Jing has a strong experience and practical skill in cross-culture teamwork and communication. However what she is proud of the most is being a mother of two sweet children. She see herself as a life-long teacher since the first of her son was born and, as every parent would do, she never stopped figuring out the best way to educate her children, especially for kids who are involved in the multi-languages cultures. She strongly believes that interests is the best teacher and she believes that she will become an excellent Chinese teacher with her fully love and passion on promoting traditional Chinese culture.


Yi Yan

Yi Yan was majored in Early Childhood Education at the state University of New York at Buffalo. After receiving her Master's degree, she had been an early education teacher and performed research in early childhood education for years. After moving to the New England area, she obtained the teaching certification in teaching Mandarin in Boston. Then she started teaching Chinese at the Academy of Pacific Rim Charter School for over five years. With years of experience in teaching Chinese in Boston area, she has developed her unique efficient Chinese language teaching methods. After these years of teaching, she wishes to apply her knowledge and efficient teaching strategy in the development of Brookline Chinese School: “I hope, with the efforts of other passionate volunteers of Brookline Chinese school, we will build the best Chinese school for our children, the next generation, in Brookline and even Metro-Boston area.”


Yali Zhao

Yali Zhao, graduated from Tianjin Normal University Department of Chinese with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Education, was a senior teacher in middle school and one of the members of the Tianjin Institute of Education. She has 17 years of language teaching experience in high school in China. She loves Chinese teaching and has great interests in exploring teaching philosophy and innovating teaching methods. She has promoted her own innovative teaching strategy and method in metro-Tianjin area. She was honored as the national outstanding language teachers, outstanding teachers in Tianjin. Meanwhile she has been leading the education and teaching innovation activities in Tianjin area. She also served as an advanced Chinese teacher training staff to guide the high school language teachers.


Xiang Li

Dr. Xiang Li, graduated from East China Normal University, passed the national-scaled “Mandarin test with all levels” and obtained college teacher qualifications in 2002. Engaged in higher education teaching more than ten years, Dr. Li has a wealth of education and teaching experience. After coming to the United States, he has been participating in the children’s education for long time. In the process of teaching students, he is good at fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of students, emphasizing the importance of interaction between teachers and students. He greatly values the inheritance of Chinese culture from generation to generation in Chinese immigrant families. He loves working with parents closely with a high degree of responsibility and love, keeps inspiring their interests of Chinese learning and cultivates their pride in Chinese identity and enthusiasm of Chinese culture.


Qingwei Li

Qingwei Li graduated from the Shanghai Normal University with a major in Chinese. She taught Chinese at the Tongji University middle school / high school and served as the home class teacher. She obtained Master of Arts and Literacy in the University of Iowa. Since then she successively thought Chinese in Iowa City Chinese Church, Century Chinese School in Massachusetts, Ma Liping kindergarten. Her students range from kindergartener to 6 graders. Qingwei has won countless awards in teaching Chinese in all schools she has worked. She strongly advocates that overseas Chinese teaching should bring to students a enjoyable experience of learning Chinese culture and language. Her teaching philosophy is characterized by using a variety of multimedia teaching methods to engage students in learning Chinese through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Her experience and exploration of Ma Liping's teaching system provides a fresh academic addition to the Brookline Chinese School.


Lijia Li

Lijia Li, obtained her B.S of Applied Biological Science (Applied Molecular Biology) from Zhejiang University and M.S of Biology from Uppsala University in Sweden. During the years in Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID), she served as the homeclass teacher in Grade 8, and taught grades 6-10 science, and Grades 8/ 10 math (Algebra). Ms. Li has highest score among all Grade 8 teachers in the online survey by her students to both subject teachers, and all homeclass teachers, which set up a record in her school. She was selected as the outstanding faculty representative from 300 faculty members in SHSID Annual Retreat. Since she moved to Boston, Ms. Li has passed Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) math subject, and now works as a Per Diem Translator for Public schools of Brookline (PSB). Mrs. Lijia has rich experience in teaching and efficient communication with students. In Brookline Chinese School, she will integrate her valuable educational experience and deep understanding of children education into the mission to bring about Chinese language and culture to Brookline and Metro-Boston area.