Q & A

1. How do we get textbooks?
A: School will get a total count of student number by the end of July and order textbook for all students in different grades together. Parents will pick up text book in each class on the first day of school with $50 check payable to “Brookline Chinese School”.

2. Can we suggest other extracurricular classes?
A: Absolutely!! We would love to enhance the diversity and increase total number of extracurricular classes both for adults and also for kids. Parents feel free to contact specific extracurricular classes teachers and send us a paragraph of introduction about the class and about the teacher. After the school committee review it, we will approve the new class and post the new addition online. Any suggestions, feel free to post it in the wechat group ”Brookline Chinese school parents group” or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. Do you have TA positions available?
A: Thanks for you support of our school! Yes, we would like more high school students with excellent Chinese language knowledge to participate our BCS school as TAs. However, we will not be able to pay these TAs in the first year when school is in relative small size. We will reward them with certificate from our school to acknowledge their contribution and dedication to our BCS routing teaching activities.

4. How do I pay for my tuition?
A: We encourage payment in check format.
Check is made payable to “Brookline Chinese School”. You can either mail it to P.O Box 67053, Chestnut hill, MA 02467” or send in check on our Open House day 6/4/2017, 3-5pm, Skyline park in Brookline. The online paypal method will charge 3% transaction fee.

5. How can I park my car near Brookline high school?
A: There are plenty parking space around the playground outside of the Brookline High School including both free and meter parking. But the School has no responsibilities for assigning teaching staffs any parking spots.

6. How do I know which level to register my kids? Do I register by age or proficiency? So for example- 4yr old register Chinese K, 6yr old register Chinese level 2?
A: Generally speaking, K grade is for 5 years old, and 1st grade is for 6 years old. We have first couple of lessons when you can try the grade to see whether it matches your child's level.

7. Is there a sibling discount?
A: BCS is a non-profit organization. Our tuition is already very low to barely cover school routine cost. We don't offer sibling discount. We do have an early registration discount of 10% before June 15 each year.

8. When do classes start? What dates are semester from- until? What are vacation dates?
A: All classes start in the end of September and run throughout the school year based on Brookline public school calendar.

9. Does the curriculum use any ZhuYin or Pinyin?
A: We will start with Pinyin system to meet most students’ demands.

10. What is teacher to student ratio? What are the class sizes?
A: Class size runs 8-15. We will start with five students per class with probated tuition upon agreement between the school and parents if the class size is smaller than 8 students.

11. What is an average class schedule (breaks, etc?)
A: Language classes run 2-3:30 with 10 min break in the middle.

12. Can I register only for the extracuriculm clasess without language classes?
A: Yes! You can register as many and as few classes as you want chosen from all classes we offer.

13. How can I get involved to help with the school operation work? Am I paid for helping this out?
A: We welcome any passionate parents volunteer to join our team and make it a stronger school. However, we may not be able to pay the school administration team in the first one or two years due to low enrollment. Once the tuition is enough to cover the cost of running the school, all parent volunteers helping with school operation will get paid.